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Norwegian's list of passenger excuses to skirt baggage fees

Many people try hard to avoid paying extra fees at the airport and Norwegian Airlines released a list of the strange excuses people give when asking for leniency on their baggage limits.

Norwegian Airlines.
Norwegian Airlines. Image by Norwegian Airlines

The low-cost airline asked their staff about the bizarre requests they’ve heard as the busy Christmas travel season reaches its peak, according to a news release.

Norwegian surveyed 50 ground staff at London Gatwick, which revealed the most interesting attempts by passengers to avoid checking-in their hand baggage when their bag failed to meet carry-on requirements. The airline allows one carry-on one bag and a small personal item, while customers are charged to check-in hand luggage at the gate.

Here are the top ten excuses and attempts to meet the limits, according to the staff:

A passenger:

  1. Wore three pairs of trousers, with a pair of shoes stuffed in the jacket pockets
  2. Decided to give up their bag and asked for it to be donated to charity
  3. Carried a beloved pet’s ashes in their handbag and wanted leniency
  4. Tried to bribe gate staff with newly bought chocolates from duty free
  5. Refused to comply by repeating “Me no speak any English”
  6. Two pairs of jeans were doubled up and worn as a “double denim” scarf
  7. Claimed their bag contains fragile antique pottery
  8. Wore two layers of suits
  9. Insisted their credit card is maxed out with no money left to pay
  10. Wore two winter coats and tied three jumpers around their waist