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US and Cuba reach informal agreement on commercial flights

Officials from the US and Cuba have been in deep conversation this week concerning the future of travel between the two countries, and it is being reported that they have reached an agreement on restoring regularly scheduled commercial flights.

Havana airport
Havana airport Image by Natasha / CC BY 2.0

While a formal deal has not yet been finalized, it is expected that this will happen within the next few days. Currently, American and Cuban travellers must fly on charter flights that cannot be booked via an online portal, but this agreement could possibly allow more than twelve flights a day from the US on major commercial airlines. General tourism, however, will still be prohibited for the time being–valid travel purposes still only include people-to-people educational tours and family and religious visits. These talks are part of an ongoing re-evaluation of diplomatic relations between the two countries; last week, Cuba and the US announced that direct mail service would restart, as it has been on hold for the past 52 years.

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