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No problem being weird on Berlin's U-Bahn!

The Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) has released a comical video letting passengers know that they don’t mind passengers being weird on the U-Bahn – they just want to get you to your destination.

U-Bahn, Berlin.
U-Bahn, Berlin. Image by Michael Day / CC BY 2.0

The music video, called ‘Ist mir egal’ (‘I don’t care’) sees rapper Kazim Akboga dressed up as a BVG employee, giving passengers the lowdown on things the company is happy for you to do on public transport, such as doing the splits or grating cheese. While some of the things mentioned in the video don’t strictly adhere to the BVG’s terms of transportation, the company says they just wanted to find a fun way of telling passengers, ‘…it’s not important to us what you look like or where you come from. It’s just important that you’re a nice person – and that you buy a ticket!’ Read more: thelocal.de