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Barcelona’s Sagrada Família poised to become Europe’s tallest church

The famous Gaudí church that has been more than a century in the making is about to embark on its final phase of construction, with a central spire that will make it the tallest church in Europe.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. Image by Ramon Llorensi / CC BY 2.0

Work begun on the Sagrada Família in 1882 and the cathedral, one of Barcelona’s most popular tourist attractions with about three million visitors a year, is expected to be finally completed in 2026. The central tower, which is the last element to be built, will be the tallest of six spires, rising 566ft. At present, the tallest church in Europe is Ulm Minster in Germany, which is 531.5ft tall. Read more: thelocal.es