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Novel punishment for Icelandic off-road hogs

A group of tourists has received an appropriate sentence for illegal off-road driving in one of Iceland’s most spectacular wilderness regions.

Landmannalaugar, Iceland.
Landmannalaugar, Iceland. Image by bekassine… / CC BY-SA 2.0

The tourists were caught driving in circles and performing wheelspins in two 4x4s, leaving 1km-long marks in the landscape near Landmannalaugar, in central Iceland. Rather than issuing a fine, park ranger Jón Arnarson took them back to the area to rake over the marks. ‘I had them rake for two hours,’ he explained. ‘They didn’t object. I was furious with them.’ Iceland’s wilderness has attracted an increasing number of visitors in recent years, and that has led to a number of incidents  in which visitors have compromised the fragile landscape. Read more: icelandreview.com