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Italian woman sues naturist websites over nude beach photo

A 38-year-old Italian woman was shocked to find that a candid snap, taken of her at a nudist beach when she was on holiday in the Canary Islands in 2013, was being used in promotional material on a number of nudist websites.

A beach on the Morro Jable, Canary Islands.
A beach on the Morro Jable, Canary Islands. Image by Tony Hisgett / CC BY 2.0

The woman was unaware that she had been photographed, so the first she knew of it was when a male friend sent her a link to the image on a nudist website. Horrified, she contacted the website to ask them to take the photo down, but it was too late, as the same shot was being used by dozens of different naturist websites. She is now suing the websites for €500,000 for damage to her image and invasion of privacy. Read more: thelocal.it