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Authorities on alert as chikungunya virus discovered in Spain

Spain’s health authorities are on alert after a local Valencia  man contracted the chikungunya virus from a mosquito in Spain.

Valencia, Spain.
Valencia, Spain. Image by Tibor Kovacs / CC BY 2.0

It is the first time a case has been identified where the patient contracted the virus at home rather than abroad. According to Spanish authorities, the tiger mosquito that carries the disease has been found in Valencia since 2013 and in Spain since 2004, but its presence is expanding. Chikungunya is a tropical virus that has spread like wildfire through the Caribbean and other parts of the Americas in the past 18 months. It is not usually life-threatening but can cause debilitating aches and pains that sometimes lead to hospitalisation and can leave patients in agony for weeks, sometimes months. Read more: elpais.com