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Spanish island is world’s first 100% renewable territory

The island of El Hierro, part of the Canary Islands, has become the world’s first territory to be powered solely by renewable energy.

Hikers on El Hierro.
Hikers on El Hierro. Image by Javier Sanchez Portero / CC BY-SA 2.0

The achievement is the culmination of 30 years’ work by the local council. The project has been hailed as a major achievement by the international community as it is the first time that wind and hydro energy has been combined successfully. In the next decade, the project is expected to save El Hierro about €82 million on fossil fuel costs and slash carbon emissions by about 20,000 tons annually. Currently, the island produces about 80% of its energy using renewable sources on a day-to-day basis, but the recent breakthrough means the island will now be able to be powered by 100% renewable sources for periods of up to a week. Read more: elpais.com