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Treasure hunters find US$4.5m in gold coins in Florida

Marking the second major treasure find in the past few months, Florida treasure hunters have discovered 350 Spanish coins that turned 300 years old on the day of their discovery, and are worth a whopping US$4.5 million.

Vero Beach, Florida.
Vero Beach, Florida. Image by Bart Everson / CC BY 2.0

The coins were found among the wreckage of eleven Spanish galleons that sank during a drip from Cuba to Spain when they ran into a hurricane. About 1,000 perished in the 1715  disaster while another 1,500 survived and swam to the shore. Brent Brisben, who owns the rights to the sunken ships, says that the discovery includes nine very rare pieces called “royal eight escudos,” of which only 20 have been found before now.

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