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Thracian princess’ tomb discovered in Bulgaria

Archaeologists have discovered a tomb of a Thracian princess in the town of Tatarevo in southern Bulgaria.

Thracian princess’ tomb discovered in Bulgaria.
Thracian princess’ tomb discovered in Bulgaria. Image by ResoluteSupportMedia / CC BY 2.0

The tomb dates from the 1st century AD and has been discovered inside a tumulus (great burial mound). Several vessels and burial gifts have also been unearthed so far, and the excavations at the site are continuing. It is believed that the tumulus was a family tomb of a Thracian aristocratic family. The Thracians were the ancient inhabitants of present-day Bulgaria, who were conquered by the Romans in the 1st century AD. The tomb was targeted by looters earlier in the year but they failed to find any treasures buried inside. Treasure hunting and illegal trafficking of antiques is a big problem in Bulgaria which is particularly rich in archaeological finds. Read more: archaeologyinbulgaria.com