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You have 60 minutes to escape a locked Russian room!

Live escape games have become increasingly popular in Russia over the last year. In these games, a small team of players has 60 minutes to find a way to escape from a locked room by solving puzzles and searching for clues.

007 live escape game proving popular in Russia.
007 live escape game proving popular in Russia. Image by Mike D / CC BY-SA 2.0

Some of the most popular games in Russia are ‘007: Dr No’, ‘The Mystery of Chernobyl’, ‘Sea Fight’ (with a nuclear submarine theme), or Soviet-experience games (with a secret police theme). There are more than 20 companies offering escape games in St Petersburg, and more than 40 in Moscow. The price for evening and weekend group games in St Petersburg can be quite high, up to 7000 roubles (£80). Read more: theguardian.com