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Google Streetview takes on ‘world’s most dangerous footpath’

Tourists that want to tackle Spain’s infamous Caminito del Rey but can’t stand the vertigo-inducing perspective in the flesh can now explore it from the comfort of their armchair thanks to Google Streetview.

Caminito del Rey.
Caminito del Rey. Image by Francisco Escalera Granados / CC BY 2.0

The infamous 7.7km gorge hiking trail, near Málaga, was closed for 15 years after five people plunged to their death along the walkway. It reopened this March with improved safety and a renovated boardwalk, but is still pegged as one of the scariest walks in the world. The filming project was completed using a backpack with a camera system on top and the help of locals living in the area. Read more: thelocal.es