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Beached great white shark rescued from Massachusetts beach

Incredible video footage from a Massachusetts beach shows how a group of rescuers managed to save a great white shark which had become stranded and was struggling to breathe.

Two lucky kayakers escape the jaws of a great white shark in Massachusetts. Image by Elias Levy / CC BY 2.0
A great white shark. Image by Elias Levy / CC BY 2.0

The young shark was discovered on Chatham’s South Beach on Monday and by the time the harbourmaster, Stuart Smith, was called to the scene, a group of around 30 to 40 onlookers had gathered with many throwing buckets of seawater over the shark in an attempt to save it. Smith then worked with a biologist and some of his colleagues to tow the shark back into the water, where it started to regain movement. Great white sharks are common around Cape Cod, but beachgoers rarely get such a close encounter with the predator. Read more: usatoday.com