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Harper Lee's Alabama hometown celebrates with Go Set A Watchman day

The southern Alabama town of Monroeville today celebrated the publication of Harper Lee’s new novel Go Set A Watchman with public readings, walking tours, mint Juleps and even ‘Finch’ fries and ‘Boo’ burgers on sale in the local cafe.

Mint juleps ready to be served in Monroeville to celebrate.
Mint Juleps ready to be served in Monroeville to celebrate the publication of Harper Lee’s new book. Image by Jules Morgan / CC BY 2.0

Monroeville is not only Lee’s hometown, but is the model for Maycomb, the Depression-era town in To Kill a Mockingbird, the Pulitzer Prize-winning work which has sold 40 million copies worldwide and is the prequel to Watchman.

Copies of the new book, which is set 20 years after Mockingbird, went on sale at midnight in the local book shop to a cheering crowd. The Governor of Alabama has even named Tuesday as ‘Go Set a Watchman’ day across the state, and said on Twitter that the publication ‘is an exciting time for our state, and Harper Lee is a great source of pride’. Read more: reuters.com