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Bunch of grapes sells for more than $8000 in Japan

A bunch of 26 Ruby Roman grapes has set a record in Japan after selling at auction in Kanazawa for ¥1 million – around US$8180, amounting to more than US$300 per grape. According to the local agriculture authority, each of the grapes is about the size of a ping-pong ball and weighs 20g.

Japanese auction house sells grapes for over $8000.
Japanese auction house sells grapes for over $8000. Image by Matthias Hiltner / CC BY 2.0

The winning bidder is head chef at a Kanazawa hotel and was reportedly under orders to procure the grapes at any cost. The auction was the first of the year in Kanazawa, where the previous record for grapes sold at auction was ¥550,000 (US$4500). Read more: japantimes.co.jp