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Bali airport remains closed as Mount Raung eruptions continue

A decision by Indonesian authorities in Bali will be made at 9.30pm (local time) tonight as to whether Denpasar airport should remain closed as Mount Raung continues to erupt.

Denpasar airport, Bali.
Denpasar airport, Bali. Image by Forgemind ArchiMedia / CC BY 2.0

Thousands have been left stranded as ash clouds from the volcano have blown within dangerous distances of the airport causing flights to be cancelled or suspended. Whilst the current ash cloud could disperse in the next 24 hours, the continuing activity of Raung puts future airport safety in jeopardy. Jetstar and Virgin Australia have spoken out about providing additional services in the coming weeks, with Virgin releasing a statement this morning reassuring customers they would be able to change their flight to one within the next 14 days. Read more: abc.net.au