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Free Wi-Fi service for climbers to start on Mt Fuji

From 10 July, free Wi-Fi will be available to climbers on Mt Fuji.

A hiker takes in the view from Mt Fuji.
A hiker takes in the view from Mt Fuji. Image by Azlan DuPree / CC BY 2.0

Eight hotspots are to be established on the mountain, including at three locations around the summit and at the fifth station, one of the early pit stops on the hiking route. The two prefectures administering the project hope that the move will appeal to more foreign hikers, and enable climbers to share their experience as well as get information about safety. At the fifth and sixth stations of the climb, authorities will distribute information about the service in English and other languages. Users will be able to use the free Wi-Fi for 72 hours from the first log-in. Read more: ajw.asahi.com