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Thousands of hopefuls flock to Girona for Game of Thrones castings

Thousands of hopeful Game of Thrones fans have descended on Girona for a chance of becoming an extra in season six of the cult fantasy TV series, which is due to start filming in the Spanish city in September.

Girona, Spain.
Girona, Spain. Image by Esther Westerveld / CC BY 2.0

Auditions will take place today and tomorrow and the casting company has been very specific about the characteristics they’re looking for: thin women and men in good physical condition aged between 18 and 65, with no tattoos or unusually coloured hair.  Queues snaked around the block and dozens camped out as fans waited to see if they would be invited to take part in the auditions. Seville, Granada, Osuna and Madrid featured as filming locations for series five of Game of Thrones. Read more: thelocal.es