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Take a tour through Jerry Seinfeld's pop-up apartment

Meat Packing district, New York.
MeatPacking district, New York. Image by Ryan Vaarsi / CC BY 2.0

Fans of 90s fashion and talking about nothing in particular will want to make a pilgrimage to New York’s Meatpacking District this week, where a recreation of the apartment lived in by Jerry Seinfeld during nine seasons of the hit show Seinfeld, opens to visitors. The pop-up exhibit will be open for just five days from Wednesday and has been created by Hulu, the online video service which starts streaming Seinfeld from the same day as the exhibit opens. The one-bedroom apartment has been meticulously recreated to match Jerry’s flat from season eight, with its turquoise sofa and bike hanging on the back wall. While Kramer’s apartment is not part of the exhibit, fans can get involved in a photo shoot on a red couch, just like George did in the episode The Art of Seduction. Seinfeld: The Apartment is open from 24 to 28 June. Read more: time.com