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Purrfect cruise for cat lovers returns to Tampa!

Cat cruises return to Tampa.
Cat cruises return to Tampa. Image by hkase / CC BY 2.0

Those who can’t go a minute without watching the latest amusing cat video will be pleased to hear that the Meow Meow Cruise, a cruise designed especially for cat-lovers, is returning to Tampa, Florida in 2016. The cruise does not actually feature any cats onboard but by mixing fellow cat aficionados ensures that holiday-makers are always in the right kitty-friendly company. Passengers are encouraged to share photos of their furry loved ones and join in feline-themed games such as Meow Meow Trivia and Meow Meow Gambling. The second annual Meow Meow Cruise departs from Tampa on 21 April 2016 for a four-night cruise to Cozumel. Read more: travelpulse.com