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Spanish hotels aim to become ‘Chinese friendly’

Spain launches hotel drive to become more 'Chinese friendly'.
Spain launches hotel drive to become more ‘Chinese friendly’. Image by Tomás Fano / CC BY-SA 2.0

Fourteen hotels in Spain have attained ‘Chinese-friendly’ endorsement in a bid to attract some of the 100 million Chinese tourists who are expected to travel abroad this year. According to Chinese Friendly International, the company that bestows the endorsement – and which is recognised in all 28 EU member states – Spain is ‘practically unknown in China’. For a hotel to be endorsed as Chinese-friendly, the hotelier needs to make a number of minor adjustments to service provisions, such as presenting hotel cards with both hands, always serving fruit in portions rather than whole, and never assigning a Chinese person a hotel room with the number four in it or on the fourth floor (because in Mandarin the word for ‘death’ sounds very similar to the word for ‘four’).  Read more: theguardian.com