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South Africa mocks Daily Mail ‘leap of faith’

'Dare devils' sit on the edge of Cape Town's Lion's Head.
‘Dare devils’ sit on the edge of Cape Town’s Lion’s Head. Image by Thomas Guillem / CC BY 2.0

South African media outlet News 24 has openly mocked the ‘wildest South Africa’ instalment in the UK’s Daily Mail. The newspaper published an image of a ‘daredevil’ tourist who ‘risked his life’ while jumping into the air on Lion’s Head’s famous rock in Cape Town, and captioned it, “Leap of faith! Nerve-jangling moment Italian tourist is snapped jumping into the air on edge of Lion’s Head in South Africa… INCHES from a 2,000ft drop”. Given the site of the photo is popular place for non-daredevils to pose, News 24 posted numerous other twitter pics from the same rock. Read more: news24.com