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French bikini warns you about sunburn levels – on your phone

A new French bikini warns sun-worshippers when they have reached the limit of UV exposure by alerting them via their smartphones.

'Smart' bikinis to warn sunbathers when they've had too much sun.
‘Smart’ bikinis to warn sunbathers when they’ve had too much sun. Image by Matthew Straubmuller / CC BY 2.0

The makers of the ‘wired’ swimwear have attached a tiny sensor which they believe will consign sunburn to history.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the sensor tells women when their exposure is reaching dangerous levels, depending on their skin types.

The Gallic product has been introduced at the same a time as a revolutionary new wristband, costing €10, which also monitors exposure to the sun by telling users when they have enough rays soaked up.

In both cases, the wearers are made aware of when it is time to either move into the shade or apply more sunscreen.

In the bikini alert, a message is sent to the owner’s smartphone so they can take the necessary action.

The French designed costumes have a price range of €150 – €200 (£110-£146).

Marie Spinali, head of Spinali Design in Mulhouse, said the project took wings following a casual remark by someone who saw people looking like lobsters staying out in the sun.

The company also plans to offer a beach towel with a similar sensor and a child’s version to warn their parents if they need protection from the sun.

The French company has initially targeted a number of sun-intensive countries like Brazil and Australia.