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Rescue of motherless moose calf goes horribly wrong

A luckier moose with her calf.
A luckier moose with her calf. Image by Yellowstone National Park / CC BY 2.0

A Montana man named Josh Hohm found a moose calf while walking through Gallatin National Forest near Yellowstone National Park.  The calf was barely old enough to walk, so Hohm, wary of coming between a mother moose and her newborn, kept an eye out for an angry adult female. When Hohm instead found the mother moose’s dead body nearby and realized the calf was on its own, he phoned Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Service, hoping the service would take in the wayward calf.

Unfortunately, Montana FWP doesn’t rehabilitate moose calves. According to an agency spokesperson, moose, deer and elk can carry disease that are devastating to animal populations and are dangerous to humans. The FWP says, although they rehabilitate bears and birds, they had to put the moose calf down.

The story didn’t end there, however. In order to prevent drawing grizzly bears into the campground, the FWP used dynamite to disperse the carcasses because the area was inaccessible to heavy machinery. The agency was quickly criticized for how it handled the situation while others supported FWP, saying the calf didn’t stand a chance. Read more: msn.com