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Miami Seaquarium halts trainers swimming with killer whales

Miami Seaquarium.
Miami Seaquarium. Image by LEONARDO DASILVA / CC BY 2.0

The Miami Seaquarium, a marine life park in Florida, has been ordered to put a stop to performances where trainers swim with a killer whale, out of a concern for the safety of the people.

The ban has been imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which ordered a similar restriction on performances at the SeaWorld marine parks, after its five-ton killer whale, Tilikum, drowned a trainer by pulling her underwater at the end of a live performance.

The Seaquarium issued a statement on Tuesday addressing its compliance with the ban: ‘As a result of OSHA’s concerns (and not based on any safety incidents with Lolita), Miami Seaquarium has agreed to remove trainers from the water during show performances with Lolita,’ the Seaquarium said. Read more: phys.org