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Protests mark the start of Iceland's minke whaling season

Minke whale off the coast of Iceland.
Minke whale off the coast of Iceland. Image by Andrea Schaffer / CC BY 2.0

The minke whale hunting season has begun in Faxaflói Bay, off the west coast of Iceland, in the face of protests from the IceWhale whale-watching organization. According to recent research, whale numbers are declining, and IceWhale says that whale hunting is less economically significant and sustainable than whale-watching. They claim that each minke whale killed by hunters is worth around Ikr1 million (€6700), around the same sum as that brought into by a standard whale-watching trip with 125 passengers. Whales have been hunted in Iceland since the 12th century, and the country is one of a handful to still practice commercial whaling. icelandreview.com