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Spain and Portugal set to bask in Easter heatwave

Santa Cruz, Seville. Image by Michal Osmenda / CC BY 2.0
Temperatures set to soar in Seville over Easter holiday period. Image by Michal Osmenda / CC BY 2.0

Easter holidaymakers in Spain and Portugal could experience a heatwave as temperatures are set to shoot up as much as 10°c during Holy Week celebrations. Meteorologists in both countries have forecast highs of up to 30°c in certain areas, including Seville, Murcia, Extremadura and Huelva in Spain and the Algarve in Portugal. In Spain, temperatures along the Mediterranean Coast and Barcelona are expected to hit 22°c to 24°c and Madrid will see a balmy 26°c. Read more: thelocal.es and theportugalnews.com