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Chinese tourists to get Thai etiquette manual

Releasing a sky lantern on New Year's Eve, Chiang Mai.
Releasing a sky lantern on New Year’s Eve, Chiang Mai. Image by Andrea Schaffer / CC BY 2.0

Chinese tourists visiting Thailand during their New Year holiday will receive ‘tourism manuals’ in an effort officials hope will curb offensive behaviour. Chiang Mai, the most popular destination for Chinese tourists, will be the focal point of the Mandarin-language manuals, which will reportedly warn against using public property as lavatories, list museum etiquette, such as not touching paintings, and encourage proper driving behaviour. Chinese tourists in Chiang Mai and nearby Chiang Rai have been the target of numerous complaints from locals who accuse the visitors of defacing several tourist attractions, defecating in the city’s moat, and causing traffic accidents with reckless driving. Read more: bangkokpost.com