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Fawlty Towers hotel could re-open after development plans scuppered

Fawlty Towers set to reopen in Torquay.
Fawlty Towers set to reopen in Torquay. Image by Torquay Palms / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Gleneagles Hotel in Torquay, on the south coast of England, is lying vacant after development plans were rejected by the local council. The hotel inspired the Fawlty Towers sitcom after John Cleese and the rest of Monty Python stayed there in 1973 – Cleese based the figure of Basil Fawlty on the co-proprietor. A developer had planned to turn the hotel into 36 retirement homes but the design was rejected for being bulky and lacking in character. The turn-around could mean the hotel re-opening in time for Easter. Read more: travelmole.com