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Sicilian village bemoans €2 million EU-funded ‘lift to nowhere’

Mountains in Palermo, Sicily,
Mountains in Palermo, Sicily, Image by gnuckx / CC BY 2.0

The remote Sicilian village of Sutera, located in the mountains south-east of Palermo, has the dubious honour of being home to what must be one of the world’s most pointless structures. The peppermint-green needle-shaped elevator that is supposed to connect the village to its clifftop monastery has yet to function since it was completed in 2012 using €2 million of EU funds, because the local council is unable to afford the operating costs. Locals have called the structure an eyesore and suggested that the money, which was intended to boost tourism, could have been better spent mending the potholed road that connects the village with the outside world. Read more: telegraph.co.uk