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British Cold War bunker goes on the market

Inside a Cold War era bunker in York.
Inside a Cold War era bunker in York. Image by Dario Sušanj / CC BY 2.0

A Cold War relic has just gone on sale in England. The Nottinghamshire nuclear bunker, which lies 4m below the ground, was built in 1961 by the Royal Observers Corps as a monitoring station, and was one of 1500 of its kind across the country. Most of these have been vandalised over subsequent years, but this bunker remains untouched and includes instructions on what to do after a nuclear fallout, as well as charts monitoring wind speed, communications systems and an asbestos fire blanket. The bunker and small plot of land it sits in has been put on the market at £75,000 and could be turned into a tourist attraction. Read more: bbc.co.uk