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Costa Rica’s turtle beach murder suspects acquitted

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.
The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Image by John Menard / CC BY-SA 2.0

Seven men in Costa Rica charged with the murder of sea turtle conservationist,Jairo Mora, have been acquitted following a lengthy trial. The death of the 26-year-old environmentalist in 2013 was a major blow for the Caribbean’s turtle conservationist community after Moira, who worked at a wildlife refuge on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, was kidnapped along with four overseas volunteers while patrolling a stretch of Moín beach near Puerto Limón. Moira was murdered the same night. The seven suspects are believed to be part of a known poaching gang, but were acquitted due to ‘reasonable doubt’. The judge said the mishandling of evidence and an incomplete investigation left her with no choice but to acquit the defendants. Turtle eggs are prized on the black market for their supposed aphrodisiac qualities. Read more: ticotimes.net