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Space race relic may be sold for scrap metal

The Saturn V rocket from NASA's Apollo Space programme.
The Saturn V rocket from NASA’s Apollo Space programme. Image by JD Hancock / CC BY 2.0

A Florida man is trying to save an artifact that played a key part in the space race. The Air Force telescopic tracking station, which was used to monitor the ascent of rockets during the Apollo missions, has been lying in the scrub next to a highway near Melbourne Beach in Florida for decades. Its white dome serves as a roadside landmark. Now the owner, Bob Nolan, has been given until January 31st to remove the space relic or it could be taken to the dump or sold for scrap metal. ‘My goal is, because this is such an important piece of history, that we preserve this for future generations,’ Nolan said. Plans to preserve the artifact and put it on display have been voted out by the Melbourne Beach Town Commission. Read more: usatoday.com