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Unlicensed volcano guides in Costa Rica risk tourists’ safety

Poás Volcano National Park, Costa Rica.
Poás Volcano National Park, Costa Rica. Image by travelmag.com / CC BY 2.0

Park rangers in Costa Rica’s northern regions have warned that unlicensed guides are risking tourists’ safety by taking them too close to the craters of active volcanoes. The problem is particularly bad at Poás Volcano National Park, but is also an issue at Arenal and Rincón de la Vieja, according to rangers. The country’s National Parks Service has strict regulations dictating how close tour groups are allowed to get to the volcanic craters. However, park rangers have raised an alert that informal tours led by people from nearby communities are using unauthorised entrances and pathways to get closer to the crater, where gas explosions and unforeseen eruptions pose a potentially fatal risk.
On Monday, Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano sputtered into life again, spewing twice as much ash as during the October eruptions. This time winds carried the ash as far west as the greater metropolitan area of the capital, San José. Volcanologists continue to monitor the volcano’s activity.  Read more: ticotimes.net