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Caribbean’s ‘forbidden land’ set for tourist influx as US eyes Cuba

Cuba could see an influx of American visitors thanks to softer regulations.
Havana, Cuba. Image by Gareth Williams / CC BY 2.0

Cuba could be set for an influx of up to 10 million American visitors if travel restrictions are lifted, a new report has forecast. Describing the Caribbean nation as a ‘forbidden land’ for US travellers, the Caribbean Quality Tourism Index by tourism consultancy group Resonance reports that the number of Americans who legally visited Cuba in the first three months of 2014 outstripped the number of British visitors to Cuba for the whole of 2013.

The dramatic rise in visitors from the US is a result of recent moves by President Obama to soften travel restrictions to Cuba, meaning Americans are now able to travel to Cuba for specific and documented religious, professional or educational reasons. At present, Cuba receives more tourists from Canada than any other country. Read more: skift.com