Top Choice Gallery in Whangarei

Whangarei Art Museum

At the Te Manawa Hub information centre, Whangarei's public gallery has an interesting permanent collection, the star of which is a 1904 Māori portrait by Goldie. Also planned is the Hundertwasser Arts Centre, based…
Top Choice Museum in Whangarei

Clapham’s Clocks

This very interesting collection of 1400 ticking, gonging and cuckooing timepieces constitutes the National Clock Museum.
Gallery in Whangarei

Old Library Arts Centre

The work of local artists is exhibited in this wonderful art-deco building. Check the website for occasional concerts. Set between the old and new libraries is Pou, an intriguing sculpture consisting of 10 large pol…
Gardens in Whangarei

Whangarei Quarry Gardens

Green-fingered volunteers have transformed this old quarry into a blissful park with a lake, waterfalls, pungent floral aromas, wild bits, orderly bits and lots of positive energy. To get here, take Rust Ave, turn r…
Museum in Whangarei

Kiwi North

Five kilometres west of Whangarei, this complex includes 19th-century buildings and a museum displaying Māori and colonial artefacts. A gecko and kiwi house offers a rare chance to see the country's feathery fave in…
Arts Centre in Whangarei

Hundertwasser HQ

This pop-up information centre is dedicated to raising awareness (and funds) for the establishment of a Hundertwasser Arts Centre in Whangarei.
Arts Centre in Whangarei

Quarry Arts Centre

An eccentric village of artists’ studios and co-operative galleries where you can often pick up well-priced art and craft.
Gardens in Whangarei


Native ferns, tropical plants and cacti are displayed in this little council-run fernery, set on the edge of cute Cafler Park. The park encloses the Waiarohia Stream and includes a rose garden and a scented garden.
Wildlife Reserve in Whangarei

Native Bird Recovery Centre

This avian hospital nurses sick and injured birds back to health. Say hi to the talking tuis for us.
Cave in Whangarei

Abbey Caves

Abbey Caves is an undeveloped network of three caverns full of glow-worms and limestone formations, 6km east of town. Grab a torch, strong shoes, a mate for safety and prepare to get wet. The surrounding reserve is …