Getting There & Away

From the north, there’s road access to the Whanganui River at Taumarunui, Ohinepane and Whakahoro, though the last of these is a long, remote drive on mostly unsealed roads. Roads to Whakahoro lead off from Owhango and Raurimu, both on SH4. There isn’t any further road access to the river until Pipiriki.

From the south, the Whanganui River Rd veers off SH4 14km north of Whanganui, rejoining it at Raetihi, 91km north of Whanganui. It takes about two hours to drive the 79km between Whanganui and Pipiriki. The full circle from Whanganui through Pipiriki and Raetihi and back along SH4 takes four hours minimum (longer if you want to stop, explore and take photos). Alternatively, take a River Rd tour from Whanganui.

There are no petrol stations or shops along the River Rd.