Church in Whanganui National Park

St Joseph’s Church

Around a corner in the Whanganui River Rd in Jerusalem, the picture-perfect, red-and-mustard spire of St Joseph’s Church stands tall on a spur of land above a deep river bend. A French Catholic mission led by Suzann…
Bridge in Whanganui National Park

Bridge to Nowhere

To say this bridge looks out of place is an understatement. With no roads on either side, you don't need to be a genius to figure out its name. Originally built so that horses could cross the river to Mangapurua Val…
Cultural Centre in Whanganui National Park

Koriniti Marae

Unless there's a marae (meeting house) function happening, you can wander around Koriniti Marae, between the Whanganui River Rd and the river (look for the signs). Gold coin koha (donation) welcome but not necessary…
Historic Building in Whanganui National Park

Kawana Flour Mill

Just off the Whanganui River Rd near Matahiwi is the restored 1854 Kawana Flour Mill and waterwheel – an exercise in optimism. Historical info, a drop toilet if you're desperate and stairs down to a stream lookout.
Viewpoint in Whanganui National Park

Aramoana Hill

From Aramoana Hill, near the southern end of the Whanganui River Rd, there’s a terrific view: peaks, paddocks, poplars and the curling river.
Ruins in Whanganui National Park

Operiki Pa

An archaeological site just off the Whanganui River Rd: what was once the centre of somewhere is now the middle of nowhere.