Top Choice Museum in Whakatane

Whakatane District Museum

This impressive museum-gallery in the library building has artfully presented displays on early Māori and European settlement in the area: Māori taonga (treasures) trace a lineage back to the Mataatua canoe. Other d…
Observatory in Whakatane

Whakatane Observatory

Up on a hill top behind the town, Whakatane Observatory offers plentiful Bay of Plenty star-spotting when the sky is clear.
Cultural Centre in Whakatane

Te Manuka Tutahi Marae

The centrepiece of this recently opened Ngāti Awa marae isn't new: Mataatua Wharenui (The House that Came Home) is a fantastically carved 1875 meeting house. In 1879 it was dismantled and shipped to Sydney, before s…
Landmark in Whakatane


Beside a roundabout on the Strand is Pohaturoa, a large tapu (sacred) rock outcrop, where baptism, death, war and moko (tattoo) rites were performed. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed here by Ngāti Awa chiefs in 184…
Cave in Whakatane

Muriwai’s Cave

The partially collapsed Te Ana o Muriwa (Muriwai’s Cave) once extended 122m into the hillside and sheltered 60 people, including Muriwai, a famous seer and aunt of Wairaka. Along with Wairere Falls and a rock in the…
Waterfall in Whakatane

Wairere Falls

Tumbling down the cliffs behind town, picture-perfect Te Wairere occupies a deliciously damp nook, and once powered flax and flour mills and supplied Whakatane’s drinking water. It's a gorgeous spot, and goes almost…
Ruins in Whakatane

Papaka Pa

The ruins of Papaka Pa.
Monument in Whakatane

Statue of Wairaka

A whimsical statue of Wairaka stands proudly atop a rock in Whakatane’s harbour in commemoration of her brave deed.
Ruins in Whakatane

Puketapu Pa

The ruins of Puketapu Pa.