Food & Drinks in Wellington

Moore Wilson Fresh

A call-out to self-caterers: this positively swoon-inducing grocer is one of NZ's most committed supporters of independently produced and artisanal produce. If you want to chew on the best of Wellington and NZ, here…
Books in Wellington

Unity Books

Sets the standard for every bookshop in the land, with a dedicated NZ table piled high.
Clothing in Wellington

Hunters & Collectors

Beyond the best-dressed window in NZ you'll find off-the-rack and vintage clothing (punk, skate, Western and mod), plus shoes and accessories. 'Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy', says the sign in the …
Market in Wellington

City Market

Expect brilliant produce, baked goods, tastings, coffee, wine, book signings, entertainment and other weekend delights at this fab undercover market. The stately 1940 Chaffers Dock Building is worth the visit alone!
Shopping Centre in Wellington

Old Bank Shopping Arcade

This dear old building on a wedge-shaped city site is home to indulgent, high-end shops, predominantly jewellers and boutiques. Check out the fab mosaic floors and Corinthian columns.
Art in Wellington

Ora Gallery

Fresh, bold, bright contemporary art including sculpture, weaving, glass and jewellery: gifts for someone who's waiting for you back home. You can get a coffee here, too.
Music in Wellington

Slow Boat Records

Country, folk, pop, indie, metal, blues, soul, rock, Hawaiian nose-flute music – it's all here at Slow Boat, Wellington's long-running music shop and Cuba St mainstay.
Art in Wellington


Contemporary indigenous art: painting, ceramics, jewellery and sculpture. A gorgeous galley – come for a look even if you're not buying.
Market in Wellington

Wellington Night Market

Nocturnal fun and games on Cuba St, with international foods aplenty and more buskers and performers than you have eyes and ears.
Drinks in Wellington

Regional Wines & Spirits

These guys offer a bamboozling selection of bevvies: fill a flagon or grab a bottle of wine for lunch/dinner/breakfast.