Travel with Children

Let's cut to the chase: Welly's biggest hit for kids is Te Papa, with the whole caboodle looking like it's curated by a team of five-year-old geniuses. It has interactive activities galore, more creepy, weird and wonderful things than you can shake a squid at, and heaps of special events for all ages. See the dedicated Kids & Families page on the website for proof of Te Papa's prowess in this department.

Conveniently located either side of Te Papa are Frank Kitts Park and Waitangi Park, both with playgrounds and in close proximity to roller skates, ice creams, and life-saving espresso for the grown-ups.

A ride up the cable car and a lap around the Wellington Botanic Gardens will get the wee ones pumped up. When darkness descends head to Space Place to gaze at galaxies far, far away. On a more terrestrial plane, kids can check out some crazy New Zealand critters at the Wellington Zoo or Zealandia.