Thai in Thames


This is the most popular restaurant in Thames by a country mile. Although the bright lighting may not induce romance, the tangy Thai dishes will provide a warm glow.
Self-Catering in Thames

Organic Co-op

A good source of planet-friendly vegetables, nuts, bread, eggs and meat.
Cafe in Thames

Coco Coffee Bar

Occupying a corner of an old villa, this chic little cafe serves excellent coffee and enticing pastries and cakes.
Cafe in Thames

Cafe Melbourne

Stylish and spacious, this cafe definitely channels the cosmopolitan vibe of a certain Australian city. Shared tables promote a convivial ambience, and the menu travels from ricotta pancakes to beef sliders and fish…
Cafe in Thames

Wharf Coffee House & Bar

Perched beside the water, this rustic wood-lined pavilion does great fish and chips. Grab a table outside with a beer or a wine to understand why the Wharf is a firm local favourite.