Top Choice Gallery in Tauranga

Tauranga Art Gallery

The Tauranga Art Gallery presents historic and contemporary art, and houses a permanent collection along with frequently changing local and visiting exhibitions. The building itself is a former bank, although you’d …
Historic Building in Tauranga

Elms Mission House

Built in 1847, Elms Mission House is the oldest building in the Bay of Plenty. Furnished in period style, it sits among other well-preserved mission buildings in leafy gardens.
Historic Building in Tauranga

Brain Watkins House

A demure Victorian villa stranded on a hill as the roads around it grew, Brain Watkins House (no, not Brian) was built in 1881 from kauri (wood) and remains one of Tauranga’s best-preserved colonial homes.
Archaeological Site in Tauranga

Monmouth Redoubt

Shaded by huge pohutukawa trees, spooky Monmouth Redoubt was a fortified site during the Māori Wars. Next door is Robbins Park. At the foot of the Redoubt, on the end of the Strand, is Te Awa nui Waka, a replica Māo…
Winery in Tauranga

Mills Reef Winery

Stately Mills Reef, 7km from the town centre at Bethlehem, has tastings of its award-winning wines (dig the chardonnay) and a refined restaurant (read: great food but not much fun) that's open for lunch daily and di…
Museum in Tauranga

Classic Flyers NZ

Out near the airport, Classic Flyers NZ is an interesting aviation museum (biplanes, retired US Airforce jets, helicopters etc) with a buzzy on-site cafe.
Gardens in Tauranga

Robbins Park

A verdant pocket of roses with excellent views across to Mt Maunganui.
Cultural Centre in Tauranga

Huria Marae

Huria Marae is on a nondescript suburban street, but has sensational carvings both inside and out. Call to organise permission to visit.
Viewpoint in Tauranga

Minden Lookout

From Minden Lookout, about 10km west of Tauranga towards Katikati, there’s a superb view back over the cranes in Tauranga Harbour and across the Bay of Plenty. To get there, take SH2 to Te Puna and turn off south on…
Cemetery in Tauranga

Mission Cemetery

The spooky Mission Cemetery lies not far from the Elms Mission House, and is a shady tangle of trees and headstones.