Cafe in Taupo


Lots of mouth-watering treats are made from scratch at this fantastically artful cafe on the hill that backs Acacia Bay. Brunch in the sunshine, then check out the sculpture garden and gallery.
Cafe in Taupo


This sharp, modern cafe is well tuned, offering a cabinet-load of pastries, sandwiches and salads, with great-value wines by the glass should you feel inclined. Excellent coffee, and sublime home-baked sweets.
Deli in Taupo


Championing NZ artisan producers and importing specialities from abroad, this grocery on the town fringe is a fruitful stop for those looking to stock up on supplies ranging from cheese to chocolate to craft beer. P…
Cafe in Taupo


Hands-down Taupo's coolest eatery, Storehouse does tasty double duty as a cool daytime cafe serving a hipsters' holy trinity of bagels, sliders and coffee, before morphing into a night-time bar with craft beer on ta…
Cafe in Taupo

Spoon & Paddle

Filling a spacious and airy 1950s house with colourful decor, Spoon & Paddle is more evidence you'll find great cafes pretty well anywhere in NZ. Excellent coffee partners with a concise beer and wine list, and …