60 Minute Float Tank Session

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Our Dreampods have body temperature water and 450kgs of epsom salt that make you float effortlessly.  There is no sight, sound, gravity, and touch.  The minimised distractions allow your mind to fully relax, while your body gains the benefits of epsom salt and a zero gravity environment.  Floating is proven to have a myriad of benefits including:- Reduction in Stress, Anxiety & Depression- Back, neck and join pain reduction- Beneficial for those suffering exhaustion, insomnia or sleep troubles (1 hour in the float tank is the equivalent to 4 hours deep sleep)- Aids in the reduction of sore muscles, chronic pain conditions and injuries- Improves blood circulation and aids the detoxification process and much, much more!
Please arrive at 53 Gorge Road, Queenstown 15 minutes before your appointment.  We have free parking that you can use.  You can also walk to us from Central Queenstown in less than 10 minutes.  We will give you a thorough explanation and tips how to get the most out of your floating experience.  Your session has time for a private shower before and after your float.  You float in your own private room.  You can even use our relaxation room afterwards where tea and other specialty drinks are provided at no additional costs.We will provide you with a confirmation email with things that you should avoid before your float.  Visit Saltfloatspa.co.nz to learn more about floating.

What’s included

  • Beverages
  • Coffee and/or Tea

What’s not included

  • None