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New Zealand’s abundance of year-round activities means that airports here are busy most of the time: if you want to fly at a particularly popular time of year (eg over the Christmas period), book well in advance.

The high season for flights into NZ is during summer (December to February), with slightly less of a premium on fares over the shoulder months (October/November and March/April). The low season generally tallies with the winter months (June to August), though this is still a busy time for airlines ferrying ski bunnies and powder hounds.

Airports & Airlines

A number of NZ airports handle international flights, with Auckland receiving the most traffic:

Auckland Airport

Christchurch Airport

Dunedin Airport

Queenstown Airport

Wellington Airport

Note that Hamilton, Rotorua and Palmerston North airports are capable of handling direct international arrivals and departures, but are not currently doing so.

Airlines Flying to & from New Zealand

New Zealand's international carrier is Air New Zealand (, which flies to runways across Europe, North America, eastern Asia, Australia and the Pacific, and has an extensive network across NZ.

Winging in with direct flights from Australia, Virgin Australia (, Qantas (, Jetstar ( and Air New Zealand are the key players.

Joining Air New Zealand from North America, other operators include Air Canada ( and American Airlines ( – the latter has direct flights from Los Angeles to Auckland.

From Europe, the options are a little broader, with British Airways (, Lufthansa ( and Virgin Atlantic ( entering the fray. Flights go via major Middle Eastern or Asian airports. Several other airlines stop in NZ on broader round-the-world routes.

From Asia and the Pacific there are myriad options, with direct flights from China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Pacific Island nations.

Departure Tax

Departure tax is included in the price of a ticket.


It is not possible to travel here by land.


Cruise Ship If you're travelling from Australia and content with a slow pace, try P&O ( and Princess ( for cruises to New Zealand.

Cargo Ship If you don't need luxury, a berth on a cargo ship or freighter to/from New Zealand is a quirky way to go. Freighter Expeditions ( offers cruises to New Zealand from Singapore (49 days return) and Antwerp in Belgium (32 days one way).

Yacht It is possible (though by no means straightforward) to make your way between NZ, Australia and the Pacific Islands by crewing on a yacht. Try asking around at harbours, marinas, and yacht and sailing clubs. Popular yachting harbours in NZ include the Bay of Islands and Whangarei (both in Northland), Auckland and Wellington. March and April are the best months to look for boats heading to Australia. From Fiji, October to November is a peak departure season to beat the cyclones that soon follow in that neck of the woods.