Cafe in Picton

Café Cortado

Pleasant corner cafe and bar with views of the harbour through the foreshore’s pohutukawa and palms. This consistent performer turns out fish dishes, homemade cheeseburgers and decent pizza. There's a surprisingly e…
Cafe in Picton

Le Café

A spot perennially popular for its quayside location, dependable food and Havana coffee. The likes of salami sandwiches and sweets are in the cabinet, while a good antipasto platter, generous pasta dishes, local mus…
Bakery in Picton

Picton Village Bakkerij

Dutch owners bake trays of European goodies here, including interesting breads, filled rolls, cakes and custardy, tarty treats. The savoury pies are very good – ask if the chicken, chilli and cream cheese one is ava…
Cafe in Picton


This friendly and hard-working joint does beaut breakfasts including first-class salmon-scrambled eggs and a 'Morning Glory' fry-up worth the calories. Lunch options may include local mussels or a steak sandwich.
Supermarket in Picton

Fresh Choice Supermarket

Pretty much the only supermarket choice, and fortunately a good one.