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Top Choice Cafe in Okato & Around

Cafe Lahar

Relaxed Lahar occupies an angular, black-trimmed timber box in Okato (hard to miss – there's not much else here). It's a lofty space with spinning fans, some tempting couches out the front and a menu ranging from po…
Lighthouse in Okato & Around

Historic Cape Light & Museum

A replica of the Cape Egmont Lighthouse, the Historic Cape Light & Museum is at the end of Bayly Rd, a touch further north around the coast from the original. Managed by Cape Egmont Boat Club, it was built to ho…
Lighthouse in Okato & Around

Cape Egmont Lighthouse

About 20km south of Okato, a coastward turn-off at Pungarehu leads 4.5km to Cape Egmont Lighthouse, a photogenic cast-iron lighthouse fabricated in London then moved here from Mana Island near Wellington in 1881. Ab…