Top Choice Gallery in New Plymouth

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Adjacent to the superb new Len Lye Centre, this is arguably the country’s best regional art gallery, presenting contemporary – and often experimental and provocative – local and international shows. There's also a c…
Top Choice Museum in New Plymouth

Puke Ariki

Translating as ‘Hill of Chiefs’, Puke Ariki is home to the i-SITE, a museum, a library, a cafe and the fabulous Arborio restaurant. The excellent museum has an extensive collection of Māori artefacts, plus colonial,…
Top Choice Gardens in New Plymouth

Pukekura Park

The pick of New Plymouth's parks, Pukekura has 49 hectares of gardens, playgrounds, trails, streams, waterfalls, ponds and display houses. Rowboats (per half-hour $12, summer only) meander across the main lake (full…
Top Choice Gallery in New Plymouth

Len Lye Centre

'Great art goes 50-50 with great architecture'. So said Len Lye, the world-beating NZ artist (1901–80) to whom this super new art gallery is dedicated. And indeed, the architecture is amazing: an interlocking facade…
Church in New Plymouth

Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary

The austere Church of St Mary (1846) is NZ's oldest stone church and its newest cathedral! Its graveyard has the headstones of early settlers and soldiers who died during the Taranaki Land Wars, as well as those of …
Observatory in New Plymouth

New Plymouth Observatory

Atop Marsland Hill (great views!) is this wee observatory, with one of the most powerful public-access telescopes in NZ.
Park in New Plymouth

Brooklands Park

Adjoining Pukekura Park, Brooklands Park is home to the Bowl of Brooklands, a world-class outdoor sound-shell, which hosts festivals such as WOMAD, and old-school rockers like Fleetwood Mac. Park highlights include …
Sculpture in New Plymouth

Puke Ariki Landing

Along the city waterfront is Puke Ariki Landing, a historic area studded with sculptures, including Len Lye's wonderfully eccentric Wind Wand, a kooky kinetic sculpture.
Sculpture in New Plymouth

Wind Wand

The wonderfully eccentric Wind Wand at Puke Ariki Landing was designed by Len Lye – the artist who has put this town on the map in modern times. This 45m-high kooky kinetic sculpture is a truly beloved icon of bendy…
Island in New Plymouth

Sugar Loaf Islands Marine Park

A refuge for sea birds and over 400 NZ fur seals, these rugged islets (Ngā Motu in Māori) are eroded volcanic remnants, 1km offshore. Most seals come here from June to October but some stay all year round. Learn mor…