Milford Hwy attractions

Viewpoint in Milford Hwy

Mirror Lakes

Fifty-eight kilometres north of Te Anau along the Milford Hwy are the Mirror Lakes, arguably the most popular stop on this world-renowned road trip. A five-minute stroll along the boardwalk takes you to a lookout wh…
Viewpoint in Milford Hwy

Pop's View

If you can find a parking space, pause at Pop's View for a bird's-eye view over the forest-cloaked Hollyford Valley. It's 87km north of Te Anau along the Milford Hwy.
Museum in Milford Hwy

Gunn's Camp Museum

Less a museum, more a cabin strung with antique agricultural tools, Gunn's Camp Museum is worth a peep into, if only to browse the visitor books (dating back to 1960) under the beady eyes of several mounted deer hea…
Lake in Milford Hwy

Lake Mistletoe

An easy 45-minute return walk leads through forest to Lake Mistletoe, a small glacier-formed lake.Lake Mistletoe's sapphire waters with their mountain backdrop are a beautiful setting to idle an hour. Still, the lak…
Waterfall in Milford Hwy

Humboldt Falls

This 275m-high cascade is a worthwhile detour when driving the Milford Hwy. Reach the lookout point on an easy 1.2km tramp through rainforest (30 minutes return). The trailhead is 9km northeast of Gunn's Camp along …